About Kara

“I am keenly aware of the value of enhancing and protecting our Catholic Schools”

Myself and my husband Alan have made ward 77 our home for the past 30 years. All four of our children were born and raised here and are attending Edmonton Catholic Schools and are members of St. Theresa’s Parish.

I have been an active and committed member of St. Theresa’s parish for many years, where I serve as Eucharistic Minister and volunteers on the parish Syrian refugee committee. I have served on Parish council for St. Theresa’s, and am also on the Parish Council for Corpus Christie Parish, where I serve as Eucharistic Minister, volunteered in the office, and was on the Gala fundraising committee which raised thousand dollars for the Corpus Christi building fund. I am a member of the St. Theresa’s Catholic Woman’s League where I served as President. I also served as the Catholic Woman’s League Diocesan Educational and Health Chairperson for 2015 to 2017. I am also a community volunteer as well as supporting my children’s sports teams by volunteering or coaching.

My professional background includes over 20 years as a professional sales representative with multi-million dollar accounts, a career that fit well with my outgoing nature, strong interpersonal skills, my tenacity, and my hard work ethics and my strong attention to detail. These attributes transfer well to the role of Trustee.

I continue to be an active parent volunteer at my children’s schools. I am currently Chairperson of Parent Council at Holy Trinity High School, Past Chairperson at St. Kateri School. I have written several grants with over 50 thousand dollars to support schools in Mill Woods to support hot lunch programs, literacy centres, renovating school libraries and supporting athletics programs.

It was my involvement in my children’s education, and particularly my passion for inclusive education, that ignited my interest in serving the larger school community as a Trustee.

First elected in 2007, I remain today a passionate children’s advocate. But I know that many other aspects of board work impacts children’s education.

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I have a clear understanding that effective Board governance is fundamental to a functional board something that is essential. I have a variety of experience in establishing policies and the continuous monitoring of their proper implementation by the Board of Trustees. I am a strong independent thinker who is confident in asking questions and seeking out information to make the best possible decision.

Most importantly, as a mother of children who have benefited from a Catholic education, I am keenly aware of the value of enhancing and protecting our Catholic Schools.

Here’s what I plan to do