Kara’s Accomplishments

I have been on a variety of committees and Boards. One continuous theme that runs in all, is my solid understanding on effective governance is an essential element of a functioning Board. I have served on several committees and taken part in numerous board initiatives.

Some of the accomplishments include:

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  • I have written several grants to support our students in Mill Woods for over 50 thousand dollars for Hot Lunch program, renovating leaning centers in a Junior High and supporting an Athletic program
  • Worked on the fundraising committee at Corpus Christi Parish and raised thousands of dollars to support the building of the new church
  • Current Chair at Holy Trinity High School Council
  • Past Catholic Woman’s League Diocesan Chair of Education and Health
  • Past President of Theresa’s Catholic Woman’s League
  • I created and collaborated on an initiative to strengthen homeschool- parish relationships at St. Theresa’s Parish, resulting in an over 20% increase in the number of children receiving the sacraments of First Communion and Reconciliation, this effort being to strengthen the triangle bond between parents, the school and the church.
  • I advocated for and secured the purchase of a district- wide license for a text-to-speech software program, providing all students with enhanced access to digital materials, along with the provision of home-use access for students with diverse learning needs. This was an extension of my efforts while on the School Council at St. Kateri School.
  • I advocated for and secured funding for a bus for the Educational Experience class at Austin O’Brien High School.
  • As chair of the Audit Committee, I oversaw a significant change in the committee structure that saw the inclusion, for the first time, of a member of the public to support the board in way of ensuring transparency

As a, past Trustee for the Edmonton Catholic School Board in October 2007.  I have served on several committees and been involved in numerous initiatives, including:

  • Elected zone 2/3 representative for the Alberta School Boards Association, District Budget Committee, Board Advocacy Committee, Social Justice Committee, District wide Parent Inclusive Group, Chair of the Professional and
  • Faith Development Committee, St. Theresa’s Family of Schools, Chair of the Audit Committee.

“I understand good stewardship of limited resources, and work to ensure that funding reaches the classrooms.”

Through my involvement on the District Budget Committee, I developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the school board budgeting and appreciation of the importance of accountability.

I understand good stewardship of limited resources, and work to ensure that funding reaches the classrooms.

I also initiated the creation of the Professional and Faith Development Committee and helped bring in financial literacy training to educate board members about the budget and the audit process and ways of ensuring transparency.

During my tenure as Trustee, I undertook professional development targeted at enhancing my contributions to the Board. I also attended seminars and workshops on board governance, transparency and accountability, parliamentary procedures, negotiation and financial literacy. Something that is essential to a functioning board. In addition, I participated in faith development activities and a workshop on cultural competency.

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