Lori Fleck

I have had the privilege of knowing Kara and her wonderful family for almost a decade. In those years, I have seen Kara wear many hats within her community. Loving wife and mother, a dedicated child advocate, school volunteer and trusted friend. Her passion for children’s Catholic education is second to none, as this became evident with her term as Catholic School Trustee. Kara has worked tirelessly within her parish and on several committees to ensure that the meekest voices get heard. Her warmth, kindest to all, passion and approachability are a few of the qualities that make Kara the person that she is.

Debbie Cavaliere

Former Trustee, Ward 4, and Board Chair 2005-06

I first met Kara 12 years ago at a District School Council meeting, when I was a newly-elected trustee and Kara was a concerned parent and school council chair. After all these years, Kara is still a concerned and active parent, working to make a difference to Catholic education.

Kara has the passion, determination, and the experience to serve as the Ward 77 Edmonton Catholic School Trustee. Her passion is to serve every child in our schools, so they can learn to their full potential while also learning to love and serve each other in the light of Christ. Her determination is to ensure accountability and transparency and good stewardship of resources. And her experiences as a mother, professional, and former Ward 77 trustee prepare her to be an effective Board member, advocate, and representative of her constituents.

Ingrid Van Dolder-Frigon

It is with a relationship approaching nearly two decades that I have worked with Kara Pelech through the leadership and parent participation roles of the School Council at then Blessed Kateri Catholic School to the Parish Pastoral Council of the Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi.

Kara’s dedication and time management skills have brought a smile to my face more than once – a small request that quickly becomes a large project has a good home with Kara – she will incorporate that into a continually changing itinerary and complete whatever needs to be done in good order and on time.

Kara served as Co-Chair of the first Parish Pastoral Council for the new Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi which worked to form the building blocks of the church planned to be constructed beginning in 2014. She joined with others to form the nucleus which provided the vision of a large and committed faith community of the Catholic families east of 50th Street while ministering within St. Theresa’s Parish, particularly in our Catholic Women’s League, currently as President of the St. Theresa’s CWL.

I supported and assisted Kara in her last campaign for School Trustee and was re-affirmed in my commitment when I recognized her deep and faithful desire to bring our home-school-church relationship to its fullest.

In the reflection given to the parishes by the Bishops of Alberta to encourage participation in the electoral process they speak of the “responsibility and right of the Catholic community to seek out and choose from among its members those with the gifts required to strengthen and protect our Catholic schools through the ministry of trustee”. I truly believe that Kara Pelech has been blessed with the gifts to uphold the stewardship role of the Catholic School Trustee, the “vital link between the school, the church, the community and the government…”

Quotes from “Reflecting on the Ministry of Catholic School Trustee, Catholic Bishops of Alberta and NWT, 28 September 2013”.